Counselling is a space in the week completely for you. It provides a safe and supportive place where together we can explore the difficulties in your life, understand and begin to resolve them.

A counsellor is not there to judge or give advice but to listen, recognise the client’s worth and help them feel valued and understood.

Counselling is a rewarding profession and it has been my privilege to witness clients discover new confidence and move on in life with a new sense of purpose, leaving unwanted baggage behind.


What happens in Counselling?

Counselling is a special relationship where the focus remains on you and what might be happening in your life. Counselling is different from other helping professions in that I do not, as a rule, give you advice or tell you what to do. My aim is to help you think about your situation in such a way as to develop greater awareness, empowering you to take control of your life and make changes where necessary. My role is to help you to think more clearly and to become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings and reactions.

How confidential is Counselling?

It is very confidential. This trust is one of the many ways in which counselling differs from other forms of help – for example, talking to friends or family can rarely offer the same degree of confidentiality as talking to a counsellor. Confidentiality can only be broken in serious circumstances, (eg when the life or physical well-being of the client or another is considered to be at risk.)


Where am I based?

My counselling practice is based in Newdigate, less than 4 miles from Dorking town centre.


£45.00 for individuals for an hour session, with a limited number of concession places available.


Are you considering counselling?

You can schedule a 'see if this is for me' session by telephone or email.